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Custom Designed Certificate Wording Ideas

These samples are basically to give you ideas. You can choose one of these, chose parts of these and put them together or replace wording to write your own message.

Merit: "This is to Commend Dylan L. Ellington, Jr. or Outstanding Service as Electronics Technician on the Presidential Helicopter from 1989-1996 . The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Given this 7th day of May, Two Thousand and Twelve"

Recognition: "Colonel Lawrence L. Jamison is a U.S. Military Academy Graduate, A Senior Fellow and Honor Graduate of the U.S. Naval War College.

With 27 years, 4 months and 10 days of Distinguished Service. He received the Naval Aviators, Master Airborne and Recon Wings.~ 3000 Air Hours - 350 Combat Missions ~ 275 Carrier Landings ~ Command Pilot: A6-E Intruder, A6-E Prowler and E64-B Prowler."

Anniversary: from a soldier on deployment: "Happy First Anniversary Linda Donovan You have been there through it all. Through thick and thin. You are the one that swept me off my feet. The one who took my breath away. Our love is one of a kind to where I can’t describe it.

Our love is so strong and passionate my heart skips beats when I’m with you. You have that ability to leave me breathless every time I kiss you. The love we have for one another is phenomenal. We have one year down and many more to come. The love we have is like gold; it never gets dull and the longer you hold onto it, the more valuable it is. We take each other’s hearts and cherish them with all that we have. We are two souls that have a single thought, and two hearts with one beat... Happy Anniversary ~ I LOVE YOU Andrew Donovan"

Appreciation: "Operation Joint Forge ~ Lieutenant Colonel Jean Philippe Alauzy ~ CJ2 Division, HQ NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR) Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) ~ Service from 23 March 2004 to 12 October 2004 ~ In recognition of his outstanding service as CJ2 Deputy Chief, HQ SFOR/CJ2, during his tour, LTC Alauzy worked tirelessly to ensure the sections within the CJ2 branch were focused, on time, and on target with their tasks. He was often called upon to represent the CJ2 branch at numerous high level meetings, conferences and events, allowing the CJ2 chief to concentrate on operational issues in support of the SFOR Commander. His dedication, exceptional organization skills, and attention to detail ensured the smooth day-to-day functioning of CJ2. LTC Alauzy’s professionalism and superb work ethic were greatly appreciated. He has been an outstanding member of the intelligence team. ~ Name of presenter- Title and Signature"

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