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U.S. Military Veteran's Appreciation Certificate

Our Veteran's Appreciation Certificate is great for Organizations, Corporations, Hospices, Veteran's Groups and Churches who would like to honor their Veterans on special occasions.


Veteran Appreciation Certificate Samples
Click on the images to view enlargement and read the text

Veteran Appreciation Certificate
Veteran Appreciation Certificate
Veteran Appreciation Certificate

Recipient names can be scripted on the individual certificates. You can choose your style of emblems. You can customize the wording to fit your needs.

Your Certificate is available with or without individual names, service branch and rank of recipient. A line or space can be provided for you to fill in the name. This is especially handy for unexpected guests.

Signatures can be placed before printing, which is especially convenient for plaques and large orders.

We have placed more than 3 signatures, however, this greatly limits the room needed for your message. There is an additional charge for layout changes when more than 3 signatures are needed.


Individual Service Branches
Certificates of Appreciation

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The Eagle Watermark you see in the top image
can be added to any of our designs.

Any of these designs can be printed on either natural soft beige
or soft blue parchment paper.

This design allows you to specify the service branch with which each veteran served. The messages are the same as with the certificates with all 6-services, however, space is limited due to the center emblem. The text is smaller yet very readable. Click on the images to view the enlargements.

Your company logo may be used if desired.

Military Wives

Worthy of Great Honor

Click on the images to view enlargement and read the text

Military Wife Appreciation Certificate
Military Wife Appreciation Certificate

Veteran's wives, husbands and children can be honored as well. Corner embellishments and borders come in blue, rose and gold. The eagle watermark, shown in other samples on this page, can be used.

Click on the link to purchase your certificate below. Fill out form. Click the "submit" button. If you prefer, order by phone or e-mail. Scroll down for contact info.

All Services Veteran Appreciation Certificate

When you purchase your certificate for $39.00 we'll set up the layout for you or your organization. We'll bill you for the your added enhacements and copies after your design is ready for print and we know the number of copies you need.
Design phase:  

Deposit for the setup of your Design:
(one time fee)
Have your logo or emblem added:
Individual Service Designs: Additional design time is needed. Pricing is per service branch, not per person.
Plus Copies:
Per certificate without names:
$2.99 ea.
Per certificate with names scripted in:
$4.99 ea.
Adding each veteran's service branch:
$1.00 ea.

Quality: Each certificate will be printed on fine, soft beige-natural, acid free, #60 lb Astroparche document paper with a vellum finish and placed inside a Black Ebony, sturdy certificate holder with Gold Trim on the front, with a linen finish; perfect for presentation, which opens up to the certificate displayed inside.

Proofing Process: As your certificate design is developed it will go through a "proofing" process. You will be able to view the images of your certificate via your e-mail. When you say it is perfect, then it will go to print.

To order by e-mail or phone, see contact info. below.


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