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Message Choices: 
Message 1: "We honor your service, your courage, and most of all your sacrifices. Your dedication to the United States of America, its ideals, and its military is commendable. It is an honorable addition to the freedom you bravely fought and worked for, not only for families in America but throughout the world."
Message 2: "In appreciation of your tireless efforts in support of our United States Armed Forces. Your dedication to our country and its military is commendable and an honorable addition to the fight for freedom throughout the world."

You may also use these message choices as inspiration and adapt them to say your own specific message. If it isn't complete that's OK. We'll make the adjustments during the proofing stage.

To make life easier, you might just want to E-mail us and attach a copy of the certificate layout you like best and wording you like best.

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Thank You!
We are Proud to call YOU Our Own
With Heartfelt Gratitude
God Bless America ~ God Bless You (a star can be placed in the center as on samples shown.)
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Presented at our "??"th Class Reunion on "date"
Presented this...
Given this...
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Fourth Day of July, Two Thousand and Sixteen
11th Day of November, 2016
February 15th, 2016
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