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High School Reunion

Present a Certificate of Appreciation to the Veterans at your High School Reunion.


Each certificate will be printed on fine, soft beige-natural, acid free, #60 lb Astroparche document paper with a vellum finish and placed inside a Black Ebony, sturdy certificate holder with Gold Trim on the front, with a linen finish; perfect for presentation, which opens up to the certificate displayed inside.

Wording Choices

Wording:"We honor your service, your courage, and most of all your sacrifices. Your dedication to the United States of America, its ideals, and its military is commendable. It is an honorable addition to the freedom you bravely fought and worked for, not only for families in America but throughout the world."

Note: The wording can be adjusted to express your own message.

Proofing Process: As your certificate design is developed it will go through a "proofing" process. You will be able to view the images of your certificate via your e-mail. When you say it is perfect, then it will go to print.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

CJM Military Certificates
CJM Certificates

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