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Certificates Since 1998

CJM Military Certificates is named after our Founder and President, Cory J. Matthews, a WW II Combat Veteran.

In the beginning, Cory, whom we affectionately call "Corky" went about on a search to find a special, personalized military certificate that would enhance the wall now displaying his Military Discharge Certificate.

Article from the Payson Roundup Newspaper

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After finding none that met his approval he set out to design one himself, and thus came into being, the one and only, CJM Military Certificates.

In 2002 Kathleen Converti Redman joined ranks with Corky to develop and produce our Basic Military Certificate. Our designs expanded and grew over the years to what you see today.

Kathleen Redman
Kathleen Converti Redman

Kathleen provides the design-work, advertising and website development. She fills the certificate orders and continues to add medals, badges, ribbons and military symbols of various kinds, always expanding and improving the certificates.


Corky passed over this 20th day of August, 2019, at the age of 92.
He will always be remembered for his work with our United States Veterans and especially our Merchant Marines.

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Our Basic Certificate of Service was created first.
US Army Certificate of Service
US Air Force Certificate of Service
US Navy Certificate of Service

From the start, we begin with high quality photos. Veterans soon began to ask for awards, so one day we hung two medals. It was not long before we were adding other medals, and then badges and ribbons.

US Army Veteran Certificate with Awards

Over time we expanded our ability to add additional text, telling of battles, battalions, ships and special experiences. We do all we can to tell your story on your highly personalized certificate.

US Navy All Medals Certificate

One day we received a request for lots and lots of medals and ribbons, so we tried it. We can now place up to 18 medals and 24 ribbons on an All Medals Certificate.

We now have Appreciation Certificates for many types of organizations including corporations, businesses, churches, governement organizations and High School Reunions.

We also provide certificates to honor Military Wives and Family Members as well as others who have made the difference in the lives of our servicemen and women and their families. These are perfect for those who are retiring to present at their own retirement ceremonies.

Certificates of Recognition, Retirement and those with Individual Awards have been quite popular. Custom certificates are available as well.

Rim Country
CJM Military Certificates is located in the heart of Arizona, in the small town of Payson, nestled in the mountains at about 5000 feet in the forested foothills below the majestic Mogollon Rim. The Mogollogon Rim is unique geological feature that runs generally East - West across Arizona at an elevation of 7000 to 8000 ft. We call this area Rim Country. We are located in the largest stand of ponderosa pine in the world, where people come from all over to explore, hike, camp, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Payson is home of the oldest, continuous rodeo in the world.

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