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Certificate Size : Your Certificate size is 8.5 x 11.

Paper: Your certificate will be printed on fine, soft beige-natural (or soft blue for the Air Force) acid free, #60 lb Astroparche document paper with a vellum finish and placed inside a classy and sturdy certificate holder, perfect for presentation, which opens up to the certificate displayed inside.

Presentation Folder: Your certificate will be place in a Presentation Folder which is Black Ebony with a linen finish and has a Gold Inlayed Border on the front. It opens up to reveal the certificate placed inside.

Plaques: Plaques are 10.5" x 13" in size. They have an Elegant Cherry Finish with a Gold Accented Grooved, Beveled Border. Your Military Certificate is placed under an acrylic cover and attached with 4 brass plated cone-head nails.

Privacy: We guarantee all of your information will be held confidential. We do not sell customer information.

DD-214: We do not require you to have your DD-214 to get your CJM Certificate of Service. Over the years many have been lost due to fires, floods, moving, etc. Some of our servicemen cannot replace them due to a fire at the Military Records Center in 1973.

NOTE: If we have any question as to the validity of someone’s claim we reserve the right to ask for the DD-214.

Wearing Commemorative Medals: Though we do not sell actual commemorative medals we have had people ask us about wearing them. US Govt. issued awards may be worn on your uniform, but commemoratives are for personal use only and may not be worn on your uniform.

For your certificate, commemorative awards are placed after your govt. issued awards.

If you know of any commemorative awards that we do not have listed please let us know, for additional ones are being issued continually. We can place any of them on your certificate.

Obtaining Real Medals and Ribbons: Though we do not sell real medals or ribbons, we can recommend you check with Medals of America. There you will find both Govt. Issued and Commemorative medals and ribbons for purchase. https://www.medalsofamerica.com/

Wallet Sized Laminated Certificates: This is a Full Color Wallet Size reproduction of your original certificate including the document paper color. It is laminated for long-lasting protection. Great for showing off at community events and veterans meetings. Your full-size certificate must be purchased first.