CJM Military Certifiates Display Experience with Multiple Awards, Medals, Ribbons and Badges
CJM Military Certificates Business is
For Sale by Owner

After more than 20 years of service, we would now like to pass CJM Military Certificates on to someone who has a heart for our veterans as we do, has graphic design skills with intent on perfection in design and quality of the product, and has more updated skills in website design and online advertising than I do. The changes over the years in technology have truly overwhelmed us.

Our founder, Corwin J. Matthews, who we affectionately call Corky, was a World War II Veteran who passed away in August 2019 at the age of 92. Since his retirement several years before I have been running the business by myself- wearing all of the hats, and am wearing out. Due to a fall, I can no longer sit at the computer for extended amounts of time. I have been doing all of the image designs, research, certificate designs, marketing, website, advertising layouts and social media.

We started CJM Military Certificates in 1998 as CJM Certificates and specialized in Personalized Certificates showing our Veteran's Service information and experience. Over the years we added well over a thousand medals, ribbons, badges, patches, and other emblems for all 6 services including Merchant Marine.

We later expanded to offer businesses, corporations, churches and organizations a Certificate of Appreciation with all 6 service emblems and expanded from there to offer Individual Service Branch Certificates of Appreciation, which also led into certificates given by Military Retirees to present to their family members and others who have made possible their years of service to the United States Armed Forces. This business has a lot of expanding to do! as we see needs arise. High Schools celebrating their 50th Reunion are presenting our certificates to their classmates. This especially means a lot for the Vietnam vets who were drafted into service and came home to an unwelcoming public.

Due to the nature of the need for the sale of this business, any reasonable offer will be considered. You would be purchasing all of the artwork- the medals, ribbons, badges, patches, advertising layouts, flyers, post cards, business card layouts, magazine ad layouts and order forms, both printed and online. The website is saved on the computer in Dreamweaver and can be uploaded with FTP to a server such as BlueHost or HostMonster. We have another version of the website on Weebly.com, which has taken months to build but presently sits idle.

All of the images for advertising and certificates have been prepared in Photoshop and have many layers to them. We need someone who knows Photoshop or a compatible program. Illustrator would be a plus. I WILL TRAIN the new owner in all aspects of the design templates, advertising layouts and graphic arts and file setup needed for production. I truly care deeply that this business goes on to meet the needs of our veterans and their families throughout the generations. This business can be HUGE! But I do not have the physical strength to grow it.

We have had men who would not talk about their experience in the wars but hid it all inside. When they received their certificate displaying their medals, ribbons, experience, accomplishments and service dates and even badges they were amazed! Honored! and they started TALKING! Some who were formerly quiet and withdrawn found other veterans to talk to and became members of the VA and other veteran's organizations. They were being healed from the emotional pain. Some carry a laminated wallet size certificate with them at all times.

Veteran's organizations honor their members with our certificates. High School Reunions and Veteran's Day are HUGE for us in sales! People sometimes order hundreds at a time.

If you would like to look further into this or are interested in making an offer please get ahold of me. I would love to talk with you.

Kathleen Redman
412 E. Alpine Drive
Payson, Arizona 85541
928 978-0729